About Us



The Villa family has owned and operated Martins in Abington, MA since 1945.

Carlos and Bronia Villa purchased Martins as a simple bakery shop.


Customers traveled from towns and cities around to purchase our homemade bakery goods. Bronia was proud to be known as the "Cookie Lady". No child could leave without sampling one of her homemade cookies.


Over the years, it expanded adding a counter with stools (still there today) and eventually a dining room area.


Politicians have always made Martins a stop along the "campaign trail" which included JFK and his brothers as far back as the 50's.


Although the bakery portion of the business was close and no longer exisits, breakfast, lunch and dinners are in full swing! Prices are very reasonable, portions are great and the food is delicious. You won't leave hungry!


Over the years all of their children have worked here. Their son Fred Villa now owns and operates the business but Carlos and Bronia would be proud to know that with grandchildren and great children alike the tradition of family working the business carries on.


Please come join us for a great meal and a friendly atmosphere. You won't be disappointed.





Fred Villa


.... and family members working with me here at Martins



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